Testimony for Dr Brad Cottle:

Like an honest auto mechanic, an honest dentist is hard to find. Dr. Brad Cottle is one of those rare finds. I have known Dr Cottle for over eight years and during that time I have grown to trust and respect him in every way. At 60, I have a good set of white teeth. (Brad gave me a teeth whitening procedure for my wedding which he and his wife attended.) There have been some challenges in keeping all of these chompers in good shape, too. When Dr Cottle moved from the office I used to go for dental work the new dentist told me I needed a whole host of procedures. This really scared me and I was able to find Dr Cottle in his new office. After his examination I only needed one procedure and he would keep a close eye on anthing else I would need in the future. I remember one incident when Dr Cottle performed a root canal on one of my small front teeth because the root had died and I didn't want to go to another dental professional.

That night I had a swelling that popped out on the gum below that tooth. I called Brad at 11:00PM and and he came over to my house with antibiotics that immediately took care of the swelling. I was very thankful for that. Recently, another incident has really made me believe that Dr Cottle is the best around. I had a molar with a dying root and needed a root canal. So I went to the Endodontist and he examined the tooth and told me he couldn't save it and it should be pulled. This is not a back molar but a very important chewing tooth. I went back to Dr Cottle and he pulled the temporary crown and found some decay but he was able to save the tooth and it is good working order today. On top of that, Dr Cottle's staff is the very best. Karmen is the best dental hygenist in town, Roger is a very good dental assistant and Marie and Lisa are the most helpful and wonderful persons who work in other capacities. Love them all!

- Vance Horton, Tax Consultant, RTRP

Going to a dentist office is not an easy experience for many people, young or old. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Brad Cottle a couple of years ago for some badly needed dental work. His dental clinic and staff are simply the best - very professional, make you feel at ease and all of them "treat you like family". It is only my pleasure to refer his business to any friend or family member - it feels like paying it forward, since I know they will be in good hands. If you are looking for a dentist that will take care of you and at the same time is looking to offer you options so that you can keep your "smile" and teeth for life - look no further this is the place. "All Smiles"

- Luka Rich

A Testament to Dr. Brad L. Cottle D.M.D. and Teeth for Life December 2012

Are all dentists created equal? Well, the answer to this question is obviously no! There is a wide variety of dentists with a wide variety of skill levels, professional levels, hygiene levels, patient understanding levels, compassion levels, and the difficult one, financial counceling levels. Many dentists meet the minimum standards of care and customer service in one or most of these areas.

In choosing a dentist I selected Dr. Brad Cottle because he excels in all of the above areas. I cannot honestly say enough good things about Dr. Cottle. After avoiding dentists for many years, with the exception of the emergency toothaches, I was told about Dr. Cottle by my wife Winnie. His office is always clean, well-organized and friendly. Having good staff is a fundamental requirement for me as interpersonal relationships are very important to me. The staff is very friendly, knowledgable and attentive. They don't sit you in a chair and abandon you to your thoughts of what unknown trauma lies ahead. They simply explain things as the process moves aling. Being kept in the dark in a dentist chair is a no-no for me.

Now back to Dr. Cottle. During any visit Dr. Cottle is always extremely friendly and walks you through the impending procedure before it begins exercising both patience and compassion. He constantly asked me how I was doing and kept me informed of the timeliness of the process. In other words I was kept in the loop of just what was going in my mouth and how things were progressing and reassuring me of the flow of the process.

Now, one the tough issues to deal with is the financial part. Dr. Cottle always gives you options and explains the exact cost of each process and the time options that you should have the process done. He offers financial counceling on various payment plans and understands the ability to pay along with the best service options that he offers. His friendly staff also is ready to discuss your needs and offer advice on payment options, which is a plus in my book. Dr. Cottle realizes that in today's hard times that there must always be options available to the patient and that these decisions are best left with the patient given the best advice he can within the parameters of a quality treatment program.

As I stated above, there are good dentists who meet the minimum standards, but Dr. Cottle in my opinion meets the "quality of excellence" standards. Now that is my idea of commitment to customer service and satisfaction. After all, we are the customers and the dentists are the service vendors that really work for us. I am happy that I found Dr. Cottle. Keep up the good work Doe!

Jack San Felice
Mesa, Arizona

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